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Like . A . Dream

With its simple Japanese aesthetics, Japan bed is not only calming to the eye. It also welcomes you to relax in the centre of it’s simple, wooden frame. Japan bed gives you the basics of what is needed in a bedroom - a place to rest before you go to sleep - a place to slowly wake up - and a place to enjoy the day’s first cup of coffee.

*Mattress is not included.

629 USD
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100 Raw
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EAN number 5713655150611
Bed width (inch) 70,86
Bed length (inch) 91,34
Bed height (inch) 7,87
Leg height (inch) 6,30
Maximum supported weight (lbs) 661,39
Frame material Pine wood
Frame color 100 Raw
FSC certified


Country of origin Estonia
Total cu ft 4,0948
Total lbs 97,00
Width: 11,81 inch
Length: 84,25 inch
Height: 7,09 inch
Weight: 97,00 lbs

The knots in our natural wood furniture are individual characteristics and charisma of each piece of furniture. Not two will look the same. You can expect the natural wood surfaces to change over time when permanently exposed to the climate, sunlight, and humidity fluctuations.

General wood care: do not place hot objects on the furniture, do not place candles directly on the furniture, immediately wipe off any spilled liquids with a damp cloth, regularly check if the screws and fittings are tight.

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