Karup Design is all about living.
About making room for more. In less space.

Karup Design, founded 1972 in Denmark, has become a beacon in the furniture industry, renowned for its
multifunctional and stylish furniture. Emphasizing the philosophy of ”making room for more in less space,”
Karup Design’s focus has always been on functional yet aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions, especially
suited for modern compact living spaces.

Their furniture range, notably known for combining sleeping and storage solutions, exemplifies practicality
and space optimization, while also emphasizing sustainability through the use of environmentally friendly
materials. This focus on multifunctionality is not merely about utility but also a commitment to decluttering
and simplifying living areas.

Aesthetically, Karup Design’s creations embrace a minimalist ethos, characterized by clean lines, simplicity,
and a natural color scheme, primarily using pine wood and complimentary color tones. This design approach
extends beyond visual appeal, fostering a sense of openness and more space, especially in smaller living
environments. As a result, Karup Design has established itself as a go-to brand for stylish, practical, and
space-efficient furniture solutions.


Three magic words

The Karup Design products may all be
defined in just three words by their
properties and functions.


Sit . Read . Dream


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Karup Design embodies personal qualities like creativity, curiosity and courage. Hence, our
company is made up of passionate and enthusiastic people with two common ambitions:

To help our customers succeed.
And to ensure their customers the highest possible value from buying our products.

Simple . As . That


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