If in doubt in order how to care for your Karup Design product here is an overview of what you should keep in mind to have as many good hours possible with your new family member.



Invented in Japan. Designed in Denmark. Handmade in Poland.

A futon is not like any other type of mattress. A futon needs extra love and care due to its many possibilities. Your futon is depending on you. When down or 'worn out', please remember to reshape your futon by flipping it over to reshape the filling. You will immediately sense a change when doing that habitually.


I left a spot on my futon. What can I do?

Futons do not tolerate water. In case of an incident please clean your futon with a damp cloth with a small amount of clear dish washing soap (You should never do this on a linen or cotton fabric as stains can occur). Do not rub but clean your futon by dapping the area from dirt. Finish your cleaning by using a clean and non-dyed cloth to dry out the area. For guidance on how to treat our different fabrics, please scroll down further.


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Rock . and . roll


The characteristics of our pinewood

We design furniture from high-quality natural pinewood. The knots in our furniture are considered
as individual characteristics and charisma of each piece of furniture. Not two will look the same.
Since wood is a living material, and even after being turned into a furniture, it still remains a ‘living thing’.
You can expect the natural pinewood surfaces to change over time when being permanently
exposed to climate and humidity fluctuations.

The above mentioned changes are normal for natural raw materials such as wood.

Please be aware that the following points apply in general:

  • Do not place hot objects on the furniture

  • Do not place candles directly on the furniture

  • Immediately wipe off any spilled liquids

  • Regularly check if the screws and fittings are tight

  • The typical, aromatic wooden odor is always a proof of quality for our natural wood furniture

  • Wooden bed frames thus are affected by cold, heat and moisture, and the space and surroundings they are placed in. Therefore it must be expected that creaking noises may occur.

If in doubt of anything regarding your Karup Design product, please reach out to us.

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