Like any responsible company, Karup Design continuously aims
to make the world a better place. While such actions are often referred to as Corporate
Social Responsibility, the central notion at Karup Design is ''sense''. As a state of mind;
a sensible way of thinking and acting for the good of the environment, for the fight
against climate change, for job satisfaction, or for playing an active and
caring role in our local community.

So, whether we discuss sustainability, phrase our staff handbook, decide on new materials,
optimise our logistics, support people in need, or find ourself at new crossroads,
we turn to the same philosophy:


Like any responsible company, Karup Design continuously aims
to make the world a better place.


Always . Make . Sense


When it comes to materials and methods of production, the choices we make at Karup Design play a key role for our overall sustainability as a furniture manufacturer. Which is why we put a lot of effort into always making sensible choices.

  • Every single piece of wood in our furniture is FSC® mix certified (Forest Stewardship Council®).
  • We primarily use wood from Sweden, Finland and Estonia which guarantees sustainable forestry.
  • We only use water-based varnish and paint for the wooden parts of our furniture.
  • The filling used in our sofas and futon chairs is primarily made from waste fibers from textile production tested according to TÜV Rheinland ensuring compliance to quality and safety standards.

Sense . The . Change




Transportation is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. We therefore explore new ways to bring our raw materials and finished products from A to B (and onwards to C). And leave as few carbon footprints as possible.

  • A large portion of our product range is made up of knock-down furniture, which takes up less space during transportation and leads to more “efficient miles”.
  • In 2019 we consolidated our warehouse facilities in Poland. The result is an annual 65,000 miles reduction in road transport, equivalent to a 100 tons reduction in CO2 emissions. Year after year.

Common . Sense . Steps


At Karup Design we carry a positive atmosphere where humour thrives, and smiles are welcomed. This spirit embraces our employees, suppliers and retailers alike and ensures an informal and smooth collaboration that makes perfectly sense. Always.

  • All employees at Karup Design are entitled (and encouraged) to take one yearly day of unexcused absence. Meaning: for whatever (private) reason, you simply don’t feel energised. So you take the day off. For free.
  • We love to celebrate birthdays. However, we also believe that they should be spent in the company of one’s family. Therefore, our employees have reduced working hours on their birthday. Meet later. Leave earlier. Have fun!

In . Every . Sense


Not everybody has a place to call their home. Or even a bed to sleep in. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to us to reach out to a significant number of homeless people and show them we care. And to give them a sense of home.

  • Karup Design plans to develop and donate a specially manufactured “Bed in a Bag” to homeless people. With this insulated and easy-to-carry mattress, we wish to provide more than just a dry bedding and a warmer place to sleep. Hopefully, it will give a sense of hope. And of dignity.
  • In cooperation with a local institution, we donate beds and sofabeds to vulnerable young people who need help with establishing a home of their own.
  • Unfortunately, for some kids, life is not all fun and games. Many kids and their families have the hospital as their second home. We want to help spread joy among hospitalized kids and therefore we donate to Danske Hospitalsklovne.
  • Everybody deserves a future without heart disease. That's why we're donating to the Danish Heart Association's 2023 Heart Gala. We're stronger together—let's fight for the heart.

Sense . Of . Home

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