Living Large in Tiny Spaces:

The Magic of ADU Living with Karup Design's Multifunctional Furniture 

Embrace the charm of ADU living and discover how small spaces can lead to big dreams with Karup Design's multifunctional furniture. Perfect for urban adventurers and compact living enthusiasts, our collection brings Danish design straight to your doorstep, transforming your ADU into a haven of style, functionality, and comfort. 






Transforming Sofa Beds: Your ADU's Superpower

Dive into the versatility of our transforming sofa beds – Lean, Senza Daybed, Bebop, and Roots – designed to elevate your ADU living experience. These aren't just any sofa beds; they're the secret to maximizing your space, providing stylish seating by day and cozy sleeping quarters by night. With their dual functionality, these sofa beds are essential for anyone looking to enhance their ADU or small living space.

Lean and Roots embody minimalism at its finest, proving that multifunctional furniture can also be a statement piece in your ADU. 

Senza Daybed and Bebop shine with their clear lacquered finish, blending seamlessly into any decor while offering the ultimate in versatility and design. 

Space-Saving Beds: Dream Big, Live Smart

Our space-saving bedsSenza Bed, Japan Bed, and Ziggy Bed – are meticulously crafted to ensure your ADU is a masterpiece of efficiency and style. These beds not only save space but also create an ambiance of calm and clarity, making every square inch count. 

Senza Bed and Japan Bed offer a minimalist sanctuary, perfect for the ADU dweller seeking simplicity and tranquility in their urban oasis. 

Ziggy Bed brings a touch of modernity to timeless design, making it a versatile choice for any ADU looking to balance form and function. 

Nido: The Ultimate in Versatility

Meet Nido, the futon that adapts to your life's every twist and turn. Ideal for ADUs, this multifunctional marvel transforms from a comfy chair to a (tiny) guest-ready bed in no time. Nido is more than just furniture; it's a lifestyle choice for those who value flexibility and innovation in their compact living spaces. 

ADU living doesn't mean compromising on style, comfort, or functionality. With Karup Design's multifunctional furniture, you can make the most of your small space while still living large. Whether it's transforming sofa beds, space-saving beds, or versatile futons like Nido, our collection is designed to meet the unique challenges of compact living. Embrace the simplicity, creativity, and freedom of ADU living with Karup Design – where every piece tells a story of innovation, design, and Danish craftsmanship. 

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