Bold colors transform a neutral summer house



DIY's from the summer house

Do you wanna try the DIY's Louise and Nicola did for the summer house in Skødshoved Strand? Then continue reading - we have made a guide, to make it easy for you


Louise's DIY


Nicola's DIY




Meet Sarah and Jørgen

It is not the lack of desire or will to finish the summer house in Skødshoved Strand, which has been lacking since getting the keys handed over in  2021. But now the summer house finally feels like home instead of a guilty conscience time is well spent enjoying nature and each other. 


Perfect . For . In-laws

"And then we are quite happy to have gotten a fold-out sofa, which is smaller than the one we had. We needed a sofa bed for when we have the in-laws visiting, and the one that was there before was just huge and took up a lot space in the rather small room. So we're really excited about the futon sofa - it's really cool. And Jørgen loves the daybed under the window. It's a great place to read a book and relax." Sarah, summer home owner


Color Codes

Here is an overview of the color codes used to transform the summer house in Skødshoved. 



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