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Take advantage of the opportunities that come when you take down old things.
n empty space has in this case been transformed into a nice homemade rack,
adds something special to the kitchen






From space, to moulding, kitchen utensil rack

After an old shelf was removed in the kitchen, there was suddenly an empty space that needed to be hidden. A painted moulding with knobs was transformed into the prettiest rack for kitchen utensils. We guide you step-by-step below on how you can make a nice utensil rack yourself. 

  1. Buy a moulding and the knobs you desire. In this case, a wooden rod is used, which has been cut to the desired sizes. 
  2. Add knobs by drilling out the knobs from the back and inserting a screw from the rear. In this way, the mounting of the knobs is hidden. 
  3. Paint the rack in the desired color perhaps the same color as the wall, for a complete and seamless look.





What were your initial thoughts on the summer house makeover? 

I think it was a super cool project and that the summer house owners were really brave. I was looking forward to trying out my styling skills in a holiday home, which I had never tried before.? 


Which transformation in the summer house are you most happy about? 

I am clearly most pleased with the kitchen, which I think turned out really nice with a few simple hacks. And I love that everything was the same color, so we created a nice cohesiveness in the room. Not to mention the fine handles.? 


Which three things did you pay most attention to during the transformation of the summer house? 

We wanted to create space for togetherness, as it was something the summer house owners put a lot of emphasis on in their use of the house. We wanted to invite the beautiful nature outside the house inside, which we did by painting the window green - in this way a frame was formed for the nature outside. Finally, we wanted to give the family a nice kitchen that invited them to cook together and enjoy themselves at the kitchen table. 


See the makeover here

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