A cornerstone of Karup Design's heritage

Pine has emerged as one of this year's most cherished materials. This versatile wood has long had a place in our hearts and homes, thanks to its natural beauty and eternal, timeless brilliance. Pine has always been a cornerstone of Karup Design's heritage, and it's much more than just a trend.

The warm tones and distinctive grain of this wood remind us of nature and the unique beauty that lies in simplicity.

The popularity of pine is driven by its versatility. From stunning dining tables and sophisticated sofas to elegant beds and practical storage pieces.

Let pine inspire you to create a home full of timeless beauty, personality, and authenticity - create a peaceful oasis in your home.

Dynamic and powerful content bank


In our content bank, you'll find inspiring materials: lifestyle images, packshots, videos, brand text, and logos. You can easily download the content you need in the file type and size you prefer.

Why becoming an e-tailer?

We’ve specialized in frictionless operations, smooth collaborations online, unique products and powerful content. And the key to growth: perfect mix of design, function, quality, and price. We hope we have piqued your interest and wish to hear more about Karup Design, and how we contribute to your furniture category. 

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Unique quality products and production

Karup Design was among the very first companies in Europe to manufacture and sell knock-down furniture. That was more than 50 years ago. Which gives us the experience and the know-how to deliver products that in every aspect live up to even the most quality-conscious consumer’s expectations.

Made . For . Life

Smooth data flow / Frictionless operations

Our systems are flexible in every manner. Combined with a deep insight into online selling this flexibility enables us to tailor our setup in order to meet your exact operational needs. Plus, we only need 7 minutes to get you up and running. Seven!

Smooth product onboarding


Full content package

When it comes to the crucial currency of online presence, Karup Design continuously invests. A lot.

This includes providing consumers with never-ending inspiration on relevant social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

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Entry price product mix

At Karup Design, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse Entry Price Product Mix, ensuring that our products are accessible to a wide range of consumers. While we may not be the highest in class, we prioritize the Value for Money principle, providing our customers with quality products at affordable prices. This approach allows us to cater to a broad audience, making design and quality accessible to all.

Design . For . All

Short lead time

At Karup Design, we take pride in our commitment to delivering products internationally with a short lead time. Our goal is to ensure a seamless shopping experience for our customers, and we strive to achieve a maximum delivery time of 7-10 days in Central Europe. With efficient logistics and a dedicated team, we prioritize quick and reliable delivery to meet the needs of our global clientele.

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