From ceiling ropes to a well-thought-out interior



DIY's from the summer house

Did you like Sussie og Johannes DIY's for the summer house in Gjellerodde?
Then continue reading - we have made a guide, to help you redo them yourself.


Johanne's DIY


Sussie's DIY



Meet Julie & Steffen

With two small children and full-time jobs, it can be difficult to bring all your good ideas to life.
This has been the reality for Julie and Steffen since they bought the A summer house in Gjellerodde in 2020 to be close to family.


The . Whole . Family

"We're really excited with the Hippo. We've used it both for just sitting outside and relaxing, with a glass of wine just Steffen and I, but also inside. For instance we've used it as a mattress for the kids to jump onto from the couch, or for storytelling everyone together, or naps together with our daughter. It's just very multi-functional" Julie tells. "It's already been through a lot" Steffen laughs.


Color Codes

Here is an overview of the color codes used to transform the summer house in Gjellerodde. 


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