Base sofa bed

• Easily transforms from a bed to a sofa and back again.

• Features a practical storage module behind the backrest with the option to add smart storage modules.

• Available in 47 color combinations.

• Designed in collaboration with Danish architecture firm CF Møller Architects and manufactured in Europe.

• A responsible choice: The frame is made from FSC®-certified pine, and the filling in the futon mattress is primarily made from leftovers from textile production.

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Your . Comfortable . Base

This architect-designed sofa bed is the ideal centerpiece in studio apartments and small homes where every square meter counts. Inspired by Generation Z's multifunctional lifestyle, the sofa bed is designed as a central piece that supports streaming, reading, relaxing, socializing with friends, and sleeping. Simple and intuitive, the Base Sofa Bed quickly transforms from bed to sofa with a simple push under the base.

The Base Sofa Bed is available with and without storage modules, offering great flexibility in interior design. They can be used with or without lids, allowing you to both hide your items away and display your finest objects such as coffee table books, knick-knacks, plants, boxes, books, and magazines.

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Stylish colors




The Base Sofa Bed is designed in five carefully selected colors, each with its own unique expression. The wood colors Cobalt Blue, Ruby Red, Lush Green, Clear Lacquered, and Black Night are all classic shades that match current color trends, yet are stylish and can endure for many years. The wood color and the mattress match in tone, providing contrast and luxury.


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Karup Design x C. F. Møller Architects
In . Close . Collaboration


The collection is designed by C.F. Møller Architects in close collaboration with Karup Design. C.F. Møller is one of Scandinavia's leading architectural firms with nearly 100 years of award-winning national and international projects. Every day, C.F. Møller Architects create architectural quality based on experience, innovation, and Nordic values, ensuring sustainable and aesthetic solutions with lasting value for clients, users, and society. Each design is a fusion of C.F. Møller Architects' architectural expertise and Karup Design's core values of multifunctionality and style.


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