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Designed by the renowned C.F. Møller Architects, the Base Sofa Bed embodies the essence of modern, multifunctional living, particularly suited to the vibrant lifestyle of Generation Z. In studio apartments and compact homes where space is a premium, this architect-crafted sofa bed emerges as the quintessential furniture piece. It seamlessly supports a range of activities from streaming and reading to socializing and sleeping, encapsulating the dynamic rhythm of contemporary life.

Crafted for simplicity and ease, the Base Sofa Bed transforms from a cozy bed into a chic sofa with a mere push under the base. This piece offers exceptional versatility, available both with and without storage modules. These modules can be customized with or without lids, allowing for a dual function: concealing everyday items or elegantly displaying your treasured possessions like coffee table books, ornamental objects, and greenery.

Personalization is at your fingertips with a choice of 47 color options, ensuring a perfect fit for your individual style. The bed frame, made from FSC®-certified pine, and a thick, padded futon mattress, guarantee comfort in both sitting and lying positions, blending functionality with a touch of luxury.

In every aspect, the Base Sofa Bed, a brainchild of C.F. Møller Architects, is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a lifestyle statement for the young and the young at heart, adapting gracefully to the multifaceted demands of modern living.

Note that all of our futon products are handmade, so you might notice small differences in size and weight.

1.749 EUR
Choose Sideboxes 2 pcs.
EAN number 5713655158761
Sofa depth (cm) 110
Sofa width (cm) 196
Sofa height (cm) 72
Sitting height (cm) 26
Seat depth (cm) 68
Back rest height (cm) 55
Bed width (cm) 166
Bed length (cm) 196
Bed height (cm) 60
Mattress size Width: 130 cm, Length: 190 cm, Height: 14 cm
Maximum supported weight (kg) 350
Mattress fill 14 cm recycled mixed fibre mattress with a core of 4 cm foam
Mattress fill material 90-95% cotton + 5-10% polyester
Cover material 80 % cotton + 20 % polyester
Frame material Pine wood
Frame color 101 Clear lacquered
FSC certified


Country of origin Poland
Total m3 0,5629
Total kg 76,50
Width: 31,00 cm
Length: 204,00 cm
Height: 11,00 cm
Weight: 20,50 kg
Width: 31,00 cm
Length: 113,00 cm
Height: 19,00 cm
Weight: 18,00 kg
Width: 35,00 cm
Length: 205,00 cm
Height: 11,00 cm
Weight: 20,00 kg
Width: 88,00 cm
Length: 132,00 cm
Height: 30,00 cm
Weight: 18,00 kg

The knots in our natural wood furniture are individual characteristics and charisma of each piece of furniture. Not two will look the same. You can expect the natural wood surfaces to change over time when permanently exposed to the climate, sunlight, and humidity fluctuations.

General wood care: do not place hot objects on the furniture, do not place candles directly on the furniture, immediately wipe off any spilled liquids with a damp cloth, regularly check if the screws and fittings are tight.

Our mixed fabric is made from 80 % cotton and 20 % polyester. Do only clean with a dry cloth to prevent stains.

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