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Sit . Party . Dream
Chico is one of our most basic and easy-to-use designs while being highly adaptable to your changing needs. Built from just two Tatami mats, two futon mattresses, and two cushion sets, Chico changes its shape easily. There are no hinges; in fact, its pieces fit together without any type of connecting parts. This means you can effortlessly convert your Chico between a sectional, a smaller sofa, and a twin bed! This simple yet effective sofa is great for throwing parties, relaxing, and hosting guests.

EUR 949.00

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Packaging Dimensions

Total M3


Total Kg


Colli 1

Width:82 cm
Height:7 cm
Length:202 cm

Colli 2

Width:82 cm
Height:7 cm
Length:202 cm

Colli 3

Width:95 cm
Height:30 cm
Length:70 cm

Colli 4

Width:95 cm
Height:30 cm
Length:70 cm


Frame Material Rice straw
Feet Height0
Matress ColorNatural - 701
Material Cover 80% Cotton + 20% Polyester
FSC CertifiedFalse
Bed seat height35
Bed Length200
Bed Height19
Country Of OriginCHINA
Bed Width160
Seat Depth60
Mattress Thickness (approx)12
Matress Size12*70*200
Matress Fill4G + 1F (4cm)
Pillow Size50*55
Maximum Supported Weight250
Back rest height50