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Lounge . Play . Nap

Mini Cube - The new favorite spot in the living room! There's nothing square about Mini Cube. With just a flip Cube transforms into a chair, a bed and a pouf. The high-quality futon mattress has great comfort and will be the preferred place for little ones to play, watch movies or read. Mini Cube is available in adorable colors.

Design by Joseph Willet for Karup Design.

Note that all of our futon products are handmade, so you might notice small differences in size and weight.

229 EUR
EAN number 5713655142081
Futon chair depth (cm) 68
Futon chair width (cm) 60
Futon chair height (cm) 24
Sitting height (cm) 12
Seat depth (cm) 36
Back rest height (cm) 12
Bed width (cm) 60
Bed length (cm) 135
Bed height (cm) 12
Mattress size Width: 60 cm, Length: 135 cm, Height: 12 cm
Mattress fill 12 cm recycled mixed fibre mattress with a core of 4 cm foam
Cover material 75 % cotton + 25 % linen
Country of origin Poland
Total m3 0,1180
Total kg 8,00
Width: 62,00 cm
Length: 73,00 cm
Height: 26,00 cm
Weight: 8,00 kg

Our Linen fabric is a blend of 75 % cotton and 25 % linen. Linen is a natural raw material with a need for special care. Linen does not tolerate water. If your linen-covered futon becomes wet, stains can occur. Therefore, make sure not to clean with water. Use a non-dyed cloth to dry out the area by dapping the wet stain. Available on all sofa beds in the Karup Design collection.

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