Number 773901080200

Our Double latex futon is an 18 cm thick cotton bed mattress with a latex foam core. By applying 5-10% polyester to our cotton, we ensure the higher density and thickness of our futons compared to traditional Japanese futon bedding. However, it still inherits all the good qualities of a traditional Japanese futon. The Double latex futon will give you a soft sleeping surface. The cotton in the futon will adjust itself to your body and support it, and the latex will isolate all movement.

EUR 679
Mattress color
901 Natural
EAN number 5713655059969
Mattress size (cm) Width: 80 cm, Length: 200 cm, Height: 18 cm
Mattress fill 18 cm cotton mattress with a core of 8 cm latex foam
Cover material 100% cotton
Total M3 0,2888
Total Kg 18,50
Width: 80 cm
Length: 95 cm
Height: 38 cm
Weight: 18 kg

This fabric is made from 100 % cotton and is available on all futon bed mattresses, which are made to fit all bed frames from Karup Design. We recommend using a sheet to cover your futon bed mattress to make it last and stay neat. This fabric does not tolerate water. If needed please use a dry cloth to wipe it clean.

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