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Your . staycation . buddy

Introducing Boogie in four colorful Staycation variants, that have a frame color matching the fabric color.
Choose your Boogie Staycation buddy by preference or by the positive color influence on your mood.

Siesta Red:
A matte red nuance representing health and time to breathe and reflect. Lean back in your
Siesta Red Boogie and just be in the moment.

Use your Boogie chair inside and outside. Treat it with care by placing it in dry places, like on your terrace when used outdoors, and always remember to bring it inside.

339 EUR
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710 Bordeaux
EAN number 5713655140681
Futon chair depth (cm) 88
Futon chair width (cm) 65
Futon chair height (cm) 75
Sitting height (cm) 40
Seat depth (cm) 44
Back rest height (cm) 62
Leg height (cm) 25
Mattress size Width: 60 cm, Length: 115 cm, Height: 5 cm
Maximum supported weight (kg) 100
Mattress fill 5 cm polyester mattress with a core of 2 cm foam
Mattress fill material 100% polyester
Cover material 80 % cotton + 20 % polyester
Frame material Beech
Frame color 210 Siesta Red lacquered
FSC certified


Country of origin Poland
Total m3 0,0420
Total kg 7,00
Width: 7,00 cm
Length: 113,00 cm
Height: 15,00 cm
Weight: 5,00 kg
Width: 60,00 cm
Length: 50,00 cm
Height: 10,00 cm
Weight: 2,00 kg

The knots in our natural wood furniture are individual characteristics and charisma of each piece of furniture. Not two will look the same. You can expect the natural wood surfaces to change over time when permanently exposed to the climate, sunlight, and humidity fluctuations.

General wood care: do not place hot objects on the furniture, do not place candles directly on the furniture, immediately wipe off any spilled liquids with a damp cloth, regularly check if the screws and fittings are tight.

Our mixed fabric is made from 80 % cotton and 20 % polyester. Do only clean with a dry cloth to prevent stains.

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