A bedroom is a place where you should relax, recharge, and simply start and end your day. Now try to answer the following questions. Do you feel calm in your bedroom? Do you feel inspired when waking up in your bedroom? If the answers are not positive, there are many ways to improve your state and feelings while being in the bedroom. The most common methods would suggest to change the colors of the walls or add curtains to block the light coming from outside and many other options. 

At Karup Design, we believe there are a few excellent ways to improve your sleep and state of mind. If you look into the Japandi way of living, you will find out that sleep can be improved if the room's space is not cluttered, if the bed is shallow and close to the floor, because then there is this feeling of safety. We would suggest you to have more free floor and room space. Give yourself air to breathe, choose warm or earthy colors (it will create calmness), choose lighting with warm light and simply decorate the surroundings to be inspirational to boost your mood and state of mind every morning.

Click here to explore our beds which are inspired by the Japandi way of living. Secondly, below you can find a few simple tips from Karup Design on how to decorate your bedroom in a slow living style. Scroll further.


Try to investigate your room and see what makes you happy, what makes you feel neutral, and what makes you think negatively. Then consider how to swap these items with something that makes you happy and inspired.


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