Multifunctionality is - and has always been - the hallmark of Karup Design. However, one unique feature has dominated our product collection over the years: the futon.

As some may know, a futon (??) is the Japanese word used to describe a sleeping space. A traditional Japanese futon can be stored away during the day and be taken out for sleeping at night. One of the main advantages of a futon is that it is foldable and takes up little space. Perfectly fitting with the minimalistic Japanese way of living. Futons are most often placed on tatami mats, which provides a softer base for the futon. Karup Design took this Japanese tradition and added a Danish touch to it. Our futon mattresses are thicker and more dense than their traditional Japanese counterparts. Depending on what product they are used for, their filling may vary.

A futon is a big part of our products because of its versatility. It easily folds and wraps into all needed functions of our sofa beds and futon chairs. At the same time, it serves as an excellent bed mattress with the extra filling we have added to it. 

Read more about the futon and its benefits here: What is a futon?




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