Explore Karup Design at 3daysofdesign 2024


Join us for 3 daysofdesign the 12-14th of June at Lille Strandstræde 24A, 1254 Copenhagen in a unique and extraordinary setting.

Karup Design stands out in the furniture industry for its multifunctional and stylish furniture. Emphasizing the philosophy 'Make room for more. In less space,' Karup Design's focus has always been on functional yet aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions. This focus on multifunctionality is not merely about utility but also a commitment to decluttering and simplifying living areas. Aesthetically, Karup Design’s creations embrace a minimalist ethos, characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and a natural color scheme, primarily using pine wood and complimentary color tones. This design approach extends beyond visual appeal, fostering a sense of openness and more space, especially in small living spaces.

In an innovative move, Karup Design unveils its latest multifunctional furniture collection in two small, one-bedroom Copenhagen apartments. Reflecting their mantra 'Make room for more in less space,' the exhibition will showcase minimalist designs that transforms compact living areas into stylish, functional spaces. Experience how Karup Design's pine wood pieces, with clean lines and natural tones, create openness and simplicity, redefining urban living. This exhibit not only showcases Karup Design's commitment to space-efficient solutions but also invites visitors to experience a tangible vision of simplified, stylish living in small spaces.


We look forward to seeing you!


Lille Strandstræde 24A

1254 Copenhagen


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