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Lean . Read . Dream
Beat sofa adds a touch of simplicity and airiness to any room in which you place it. With the arms up, the high-quality futon mattress creates an inviting nest of softness in which to sit: alone or with someone else. Lower one arm with a quick and easy motion and you've got a lounge chair in which you can stretch out, daydream and truly unwind. Put the other arm down and you create a single bed that can't be beaten in terms of uniqueness. 

EUR 699.00

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Packaging Dimensions

Total M3


Total Kg


Colli 1

Width:25 cm
Height:15 cm
Length:140 cm

Colli 2

Width:75 cm
Height:31 cm
Length:75 cm

Colli 3

Width:0 cm
Height:0 cm
Length:0 cm

Colli 4

Width:0 cm
Height:0 cm
Length:0 cm


Frame Material Pine
Feet Height19
Matress ColorBeige -747
Material Cover 80% Cotton + 20% Polyester
FSC CertifiedTrue
Bed seat height37
Bed Length200
Bed Height37
Country Of OriginPOLAND
Bed Width80
Seat Depth65
Wood OriginPoland
Mattress Thickness (approx)12
Matress Size12*75*200
Matress Fill4G + 1F (4cm)
Pillow Size50*55
Maximum Supported Weight240
Back rest height50