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Sit . Share . Sleepover

What’s better than a quality Karup futon? Two, of course! Especially when they come together as a comfy Mini Dice chair. With its double-cushioned seat and deep, wrap-around back, Mini Dice chair is all you will need for the perfect spot for games, playtime or a good book or movie. Mini Dice can be transformed from a chair into two high-quality futon mattresses for Mini sleepovers. Available in six combo-colors.

EUR 269.00

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Packaging Dimensions

Total M3


Total Kg


Colli 1

Width: 40 cm
Height: 20 cm
Length: 140 cm

Colli 2

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm

Colli 3

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm

Colli 4

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm


Feet Height 0
Matress Color Light grey - 752
Material Cover 80% Cotton + 20% Polyester
FSC Certified False
Bed seat height 0
Bed Length 140
Bed Height 10
Country Of Origin POLAND
Bed Width 80
Height 40
Seat Depth 0
Width 40
Length 40
Mattress Thickness (approx) 10
Matress Size 10*80*140
Matress Fill Mini Nido 4G + 1F (2cm)
Maximum Supported Weight 100
Back rest height 0