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The sofa is an important part of our home. It is where we relax with films and TV,
enjoy afternoon coffee and perhaps take a nap. Karup Design offer
sofas in different sizes, designs and colors and
in this article we will help you choose the right one.




















The location and placement of the sofa is important when choosing a new sofa. If you have a combined living room and bedroom or a smaller living room, a multifunctional sofa is a good idea, as it can easily be adapted to your home and needs. Our sofas can easily be transformed into extra sleeping places.











Do you need a sofa that can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 people? We have the sofa for you whether you wish to enjoy your afternoon coffee alone, or in the company of others, and at the same time create space for overnight guests.



One-seaters               Two-seaters               Three-seaters








Our collection offer sofas with different functions, common to all of them is that they can be quickly transformed into a bed. However, several of our sofas can do more than that. Our Bebop sofa can also be transformed into a nice piece of lounge furniture. So put your feet up, sit back and read a good book.

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The living room is one of the rooms in our home that creates the setting and brings family and friends together. Therefore, it is worth considering which furniture you surround yourself with. Make sure you choose a comfortable sofa to create a good and pleasant atmosphere in your living room.

Our large selection of beautiful colors makes it even easier to choose the sofa that fits perfectly into your personal style and decor.


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