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Tea . Meditate . Dream

These authentic, superior quality tatami mats are carefully crafted in the traditional Japanese style. Made from renewable resources, these tatami mats are environmentally friendly and durable enough to last up to 20 years with proper care. Use it for a Japanese inspired tea room, combine it with one of the Karup Design bedframes or a futon mattress. Or let it become a nice design feature when used as a headboard to your bed or a playmat for the kids' playroom.

199 EUR
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EAN number 5713655079097
Width (cm) 90
Length (cm) 200
Height (cm) 5
Frame material Rice straw
Country of origin China
Total m3 0,1287
Total kg 28,00
Width: 91,00 cm
Length: 202,00 cm
Height: 7,00 cm
Weight: 28,00 kg

All tatami mats must be kept dry in order to avoid any mold/mildew. We recommend that your tatami is only wiped with a slightly damp cloth and no harsh cleaning solutions or vacuum along the weave of the tatami. Going against the weave direction may damage the tatami or cause the dirt to get pushed into it. While using vacuum cleaning, make sure to select the weakest setting.

Tatami mats are sensitive to moisture, avoid leaving carpet or other covering material on top of a tatami mat as it creates a moist environment for mold. We recommend to clean and air out the tatami once in a while. Dry and sunny days are best for airing the tatami mats.

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