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Tea . Meditate . Dream

Our tatami mats are designed to blend tradition with modern comfort and durability. Their firm and comfortable surface makes them ideal for a variety of uses, from meditation mats to playroom flooring, or they can serve as an attractive design element when used as a headboard for your bed.

The tatami mats are made from rush grass and rice straw, both natural materials that offer both aesthetics and functionality. The black trim is made of cotton sewn with polyester thread.

These mats are designed to be easy to clean - find more details under "Care".

199 EUR
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EAN number 5713655079097
Width (cm) 90
Length (cm) 200
Height (cm) 5
Tatami fill material Rice straw
Tatami cover material Rush grass
Country of origin China
Total m3 0,1287
Total kg 28,00
Width: 91,00 cm
Length: 202,00 cm
Height: 7,00 cm
Weight: 28,00 kg

Maintaining and cleaning tatami mats is essential for preserving both their aesthetics and durability. For the best results, vacuum the mats regularly to remove dust and other impurities. When vacuuming, set the vacuum cleaner to its lowest suction setting, and vacuum in the direction of the rush grass/rice straw. For stains, it's recommended to use a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water and a mild soap. It's crucial to be cautious with the amount of water and soap used, as too much can damage the mats. After cleaning, it's important to let the mats dry completely before using them again. Dry and sunny days are best for airing out tatami mats. For a deeper clean, a professional cleaning service is recommended. Tatami mats are very sensitive to moisture, so make sure there is always circulation either above or below the tatami mat.

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