22-10-2020 Written by Karup Design

During our lives, we all collect a lot of belongings: clothes, shoes, decorations, books, magazines, accessories, mail, paperwork, electronics, and the list can go on. Sometimes it may seem impossible to organize all your items as it may feel like you are drowning in all of them. Where to start? Where to store? Do I even need all of these things? 

You may question why it is vital to declutter your home. The answer is pretty simple: you will feel more happy and confident, have more motivation and energy, and for some, it can give the peace to stop feeling anxious. It can seem overwhelming at first, but there are many great ways to make your tidying up enjoyable and much more comfortable.

We believe in a multifunctional and minimalistic approach. It may not work for everyone, but you can not know until you try it, right? Below you can find some tips and tricks on how to organize your home. Scroll further.


At first, you need to commit and understand which lifestyle you are aiming for. Make sure to discard your belongings before you start sorting and organizing them. Here are a few suggestions on how to make it easier for you to begin the process: 


Now you know which belongings bring you happiness.

If you already watched Marie Kondo on Netflix or read her book, you know about her unique folding method. Each piece of clothes has the most optimal way of folding - to take less space. For example, here, you can see how to fold a top by her method: 

Below you can find tips on how to optimize items for small storage spaces.

Keep it simple. Have a small number of items in the open spaces. It will feel more organized, cleaner, and easy to locate at any time. You can still decorate the opened spaces, think of composition, meaning, and function.

Organize by daily, monthly, and yearly usage - what you use every day, seasonally, etc. This system will help you to understand where what should be located. For example, if all of your clothes do not fit into the wardrobe, you can store away summer clothes during the winter and winter clothes during the summer.

Sort by product categories. Socks with socks, pens with pens, books with books. It makes it easy to find and hard to mess up. (We all have that messy sock drawer, right?)

Organize by colors. It looks good and makes it easier to locate the items. For some people, it is important to have structure. Sorting by colors can help you to feel calmer.


Now it is time to find the right place for some of your items featuring Karup Design products.

Try to investigate your room and see where you have hidden storage potential. Under the bed? Inside of the bed? Under your favorite table? Maybe you are missing that one perfect storage piece to maximize your storage potential.

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