Recycle . And . Save

"A super smart trick if you want to save money is to use the things that
are already at hand
when renovating." - Nicola Kragh Riis 







Handles wrapped with jute twine.

Upgrade old handles with little means and add a more sensual atmosphere to the interior. We explain everything you need to know to update your own handles.

  1. Remove your handles and make sure they are clean before starting.
  2. Buy the jute twine and the thickness you need.
  3. Tie a knot at one end around the handle.
  4. Begin wrapping the twine around your handle and hide the knot. It must be completely tight and tightened well.
  5. When you have wrapped the entire handle with twine, glue the finishing end on.
  6. Finish with a varnish. The handles become resistant to dirt and greasy fingers.








What were your initial thoughts on the summer house makeover? 

For me it is the wildest declaration of trust to get the keys to a stranger's summer house and do a makeover. I took it very seriously and spent a lot of energy creating an interior that suited the residents, their lives and tastes, so that they could feel at home despite the fact that we had made a lot of decisions for them. 


Which transformation in the summer house are you most happy about? 

I am most pleased with the dark green windows which actually took the couple many minutes to discover. That transformation told me that we had really hit the spot and that the house should almost have been born that way. I also think the painted kitchen was a bit of a stroke of genius - a transformation from genderless to personal with few means. 


Which three things did you pay most attention to during the transformation of the summer house? 

We emphasized that the family should have furniture for many purposes, so that there was room for both children and adults - play and relaxation. We also emphasized good and cozy lighting, as it means the world to whether a house or room is pleasant to be in. And then we made sure that there should be space for all the good things and furniture that the family already had.


See the makeover here

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