Tone . In . Tone

"When you paint a coat rack and wall in the same color, it kind of blends together
seamlessly and the things that are hung looks calm to the eye. Focus is removed
from the coat rack and instead led to
the blue wall." - Sussie Frank 







Coat rack and wall in same color.

Give a simple coat rack new life with a little paint to create a simpler look. In this guide we show you how you can easily do the same. 

  1. Choose a coat rack that suits your wishes and needs.
  2. Mount it on the desired wall.
  3. Start painting. Begin with the coat rack and work your way up and down the wall.






What were your initial thoughts on the summer house makeover?

I was very eager to get started and, together with Johanne, create a beautiful, updated sanctuary. 


Which transformation in the summer house are you most happy about? 

The biggest transformation in the house is clearly that we have painted the living room white all the way up. It has opened up the room and makes it seem bigger and lighter. 


Which three things did you pay most attention to during the transformation of the summer house? 

We wanted to create more lightness in the rooms, add more color and focus on the living space, with beautiful details in the form of interiors and textiles. 


See the makeover here

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