Unique . DIY . Tapestry

"It's a question of making it rustic and graphic, and at the same time
add some softness in the form of textile. It is very easy and
you can actually easily make yourself." - Johanne Kohlmetz






Transform a quilted cotton blanket into a beautiful and graphic tapestry, quite easily. In this guide we show you how to make your own unique tapestry. 

  1. Find a quilted blanket in the color and size you want. Johanne thrifted hers from a second hand store. 
  2. Cut different organic shapes from either old fabric scraps, clothes, tea towels or new fabric. 
  3. Zig zag your cutouts with a sewing machine it is meant to  look rustic. 
  4. Sew a casing at the top of the tapestry and insert a wooden rod. 
  5. Finally, add a string to the rod and you are ready to hang your tapestry. 




Refurbish old lamps

Refurbish your old lamps with spray paint. A quick and easy way to add a new look and create synergy in the room. 

  1. Buy spray paint in the desired color.
  2. Wipe off dirt and grime from the lamps.
  3. Hold the lamp and spray remember a good distance from the spray paint to the lamp.
  4. When you have finished spray painting, you simply leave the lamp drying et voilá; and a new lamp is ready to be installed.





What were your initial thoughts on the summer house makeover?

I immediately saw a lot of potential - and a lot of work - in the summer house in Gjellerodde. And my fingers tingled when Sussie and I started making plans. Mostly I thought a few dabs of paint would do wonders!


Which transformation in the summer house are you most happy about?

I am so glad that we decided to paint the ceilings in the living room, even though it was a huge task. The result was just so beautiful, I think - and was totally worth it.


Which three things did you pay most attention to during the transformation of the summer house?

From the start Sussie and I agreed that for sure we would  sprinkle a lot of fantastic second hand findings, great colors and materials around the house - but it was important to be true to the fact that it is a family with children who should be able to hang out and just relax - a place that can be used while at the same time looking great.


See the makeover here

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