08-03-2021 Written by Karup Design

There are 7 days a week. Right? Most of the days, we are working at home or the office or any other place that fits the world's current situation. But we would like to ask how do you spend your spare time? How do you make sure to stay healthy, happy, and joyful? To have a happy life, you need to have a happy soul, mind, and body. It is as simple as it sounds, but it is sometimes challenging to find the right ways or tools for achieving inner harmony and rest, to recharge for a new week.

There is no right way or formula for this. Every person has a different way of how to actually rest and recharge. Some people will need to meet up with their friends or family to socialize. At the same time, others will choose to be alone and spend time with themselves. Or it can be a mix of both. 

Furthermore, there are so many other things which could help you out. A good walk or a run, reading a book, watching a movie, painting, cleaning your home, having a long bath, and many more. We would like to suggest combining your favourite things and activities in one day, just choose a few and create a Self-care day, for example, Sunday. From the morning until the evening, just whatever makes you happy. Scroll further to see a good sample on how to spend your Self-care Sunday with Ieva Maslauskaite. 

Slow mornings:

Next Sunday, try and stay in bed longer. Do not rush. Breath deep, unclutter your mind, and think of all the things you will do or not do that day. Both are fine. Read your favourite magazine while still lying in bed. Hydrate. A glass of water in the morning will help to start your body. Take some minutes to cuddle with your loved ones, that includes your dogs or cats. After spending some time in bed, get dressed and make your bed. You will feel so much better to have a tidy bed.

Breakfast and favorite TV show:

After a slow morning should follow a delicious breakfast. Here you can simply choose something healthy and light, for example, a smoothie bowl, but then again, it can be eggs with avocado toast, pancakes, waffles or...What would be your Sunday breakfast, which would make you happy and energetic? Coffee lovers, DO NOT forget your cup of coffee; we do not want you to be grumpy all day long! When the breakfast is ready, be a little rebel and have it in bed, you know, like in romantic movies. Turn on your dearest TV show and enjoy your meal. There is no rush. Remember, it is Sunday.

Clean house, clean mind:

It may seem a silly suggestion for Sunday care day, but what can be better than waking up on Monday and having a clean and organized house? And cleaning could become for you a way of meditation. Try it out. Other days it may feel like a burden, so try to have it as a meditation tool on Sunday. 

Bake a cake:

...or anything else. Maybe a banana bread. Cooking and baking is one more form of meditation. It is a pleasurable way of doing something fun and having a visible result, a delicious result. Mix it up. Stir it up. Pour it in and let it be in the oven while it gets all tasty and golden. Stay tuned for a Banana bread recipe next time

Make it shine - skin care:

One of the most important things is to take care of your body - it is your temple. Activities. Fresh air. Healthy food. Drinking water. All of these tools will keep your body toned, happy and healthy. But on a day like Sunday, you may feel like skipping some of these things...Instead, you could take care of your 'exterior'. Your hair and your skin. As we know, our skin and hair get stressed by many factors, such as sun and pollution. And all of us, ladies, who colour and bleach our hair know that our hair needs some extra care. Next Sunday, take a long bath or shower, use a scrub, feed your body with some lotion and your face with a moisturizing or nutritious mask. Leave it there, and then go have your baked cake.

Cuddle up:

This one is as simple as it sounds. Just take your loved one and have some cosy time together. There are no rules for this; you can play some board games and have a talk or just hug and do nothing. You choose.

Before going to sleep:

How would you end your day? A glass of wine, candlelights and a movie. Why not! Be yourself; enjoy the end of the week. And don't forget to go to bed in time...As we all know, adequate sleep is the key to have good health and an excellent start to the next day.

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