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Sit . Lounge . Nap
Take your apartment from cramped to cosy by stepping up to the versatility of Step. As a sofa Step will open up your room, creating a feeling of spaciousness anywhere it's placed. With both arms in its upright position, Step is a neat, compact sofa. Angle one arm down to create a lounge that provides support for your back while you relax. Drop both arms flat to turn Step into a comfy bed for overnight guests.
Design by Says Who for Karup Design.

EUR 699.00

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Packaging Dimensions

Total M3


Total Kg


Colli 1

Width: 70 cm
Height: 15 cm
Length: 140 cm

Colli 2

Width: 70 cm
Height: 24 cm
Length: 100 cm

Colli 3

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm

Colli 4

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm


Frame Material Pine
Feet Height 21
Matress Color Natural - 701
Material Cover 80% Cotton + 20% Polyester
FSC Certified True
Bed seat height 40
Bed Length 200
Bed Height 40
Country Of Origin POLAND
Bed Width 75
Height 57
Seat Depth 70
Wood Origin Sweden
Width 75
Length 178
Mattress Thickness (approx) 11
Matress Size 11*70*100
Matress Fill 4G + 1F (4cm)
Maximum Supported Weight 150
Back rest height 40