Number 817401080200

Sit . Untie . Sleep
Sit and Sleep is like any piece of furniture from Karup Design. Which actually means not a piece of furniture. But three pieces in one. Abra . Ca . Dabra
Now, introducing Sit and Sleep in our new OUT™ collection of outdoor lounge furniture you get the full magic with a first-rate cover made from dralon. This provides the mattress with an outstanding stain resistance and water-repellency - so you can enjoy the sublime futon comfort while looking at the sky. Rather than at the ceiling.
Bring Sit and Sleep OUT™ to your terrace, lawn or any favourite outdoor space. And move it easily around for more sun, more shadow, more lee, more fun. More life.
Sit and Sleep OUT™ is available in white, grey and beige.

EUR 289.00

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Packaging Dimensions

Total M3


Total Kg


Colli 1

Width: 80 cm
Height: 20 cm
Length: 100 cm

Colli 2

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm

Colli 3

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm

Colli 4

Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Length: 0 cm


Feet Height 0
Material Cover 100% Acrylic
FSC Certified False
Bed seat height 30
Bed Length 200
Bed Height 8
Country Of Origin POLAND
Bed Width 80
Height 30
Seat Depth 0
Width 75
Length 65
Mattress Thickness (approx) 8
Matress Size 8*80*200
Matress Fill Pes (Sitandsleep)
Maximum Supported Weight 90
Back rest height 0