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Read . Release . Relax
Since the introduction of Karup Design’s Nido futon chair it has become a favorite way to lounge. To laze in front of the tv. To read. To cuddle up with your best friend. Or to unfold it and have a nap. Comfortable. Sweet. Dreams.
With our new outdoor collection OUT™ you can enjoy every Nido benefit on your terrace, in your garden or even in the sand dunes at the beach. Outdoor chair great for cuddles or outdoor mattress to lounge with friends. The cover of Nido OUT™ is made from dralon. This provides an outstanding stain resistance and water-repellency. Plus, by covering Nido OUT™ with dralon the futon chair and mattress in one will fit stylishly into any indoor environment as well. (In fact, “water-repellent” means you should always bring your Karup Design OUT™ furniture indoor by dewfall or rain.)
Nido OUT™ is available in white, grey and beige.

EUR 399.00

Nido OUT™ Video