Number 801401401070

Lounge. Unbuckle. Laze
Buckle Up for an outstanding lounging experience. Outside. Introducing the multifunctional Buckle up outdoor chair from Karup Design in a first-class cover for outdoor relaxation. Every Buckle Up OUT™ piece is covered with a stain resistant and water-repellent dralon fabric. The urban look and feel makes the OUT™ furniture pieces from Karup Design stylish for indoor use as well.
Whenever you want to lounge, laze or chill in your favorite outdoor space, simply move your Buckle Up chair outside. Outdoor chair ready for reading. Outdoor lounge chair cool for chilling. And in a jiffy - unbuckled, unfolded and outdoor double sunbed ready for napping. 
Buckle Up OUT™ chair is available in white, grey and beige.

EUR 489.00

Buckle-Up OUT™ Video