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Lounge . Unstrap . Dream

This is the bigger brother of the Nido chair design. The larger model, Nest, offers you more room if you are watching a movie or reading a book. It still resembles all the characteristics from the design and offers you the same functionality but a larger space. Undo the four velcro straps at the back of your chair and it quickly becomes a half-moon futon, suitable for a nap, meditation, or just lounging. Put two open Nest futons together to make a circular bed for overnight guests.

Design by Anders Backe, Anne-Sofie Voss, Ida Sofie Lange, Lars Wigh and Troels Rask Pedersen for Karup Design.

EUR 439
EAN number 5713655075716
Width (cm) 110
Length (cm) 115
Height (cm) 85
Seat depth (cm) 73
Seat height (cm) 14
Back rest height (cm) 61
Bed width (cm) 110
Bed length (cm) 220
Bed height (cm) 14
Mattress size (cm) Width: 110 cm, Length: 220 cm, Height: 14 cm
Maximum supported weight (kg) 100
Mattress fill 14 cm recycled mixed fibre mattress with a core of 4 cm foam
Cover material 80 % cotton + 20 % polyester
Country of origin Poland
Total M3 0,3119
Total Kg 17,00
Width: 110 cm
Length: 105 cm
Height: 27 cm
Weight: 17 kg

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